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We work with performers and schools to make the arts more accessible to all.

In the arts, whether regarding performance or education, there is a striking lack of conversations about accessibility, disability, and access to artists and students with disabilities to stages and performing spaces. ArtsAbly’s objective is to increase these conversations, and to help artistic structures and ensembles in their path for accessibility improvements. There are multiple ways to approach this subject: talks, workshops, videos and audio interviews, study cases, and venues assessments. This website proposes several ways to know more about accessibility and disability in the arts, and in the classroom.

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Podcast: ArtsAbly in Conversation

“ArtsAbly in Conversation: Arts and Accessibility” features artists, scholars and experts who explore the diverse sides of accessibility and disability in the arts, from the audience members’ perspective, the performers’ perspective, and the venues’ perspective.

Listen to the episodes and follow us on any of these platforms

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  • Advising & Consulting

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    Do you have a choir? An orchestra? A theatre? A concert hall? Did you ever consider including more accessibility for performers with disabilities? Do you need guidance in your process?

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  • Accessibility Assessment

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    Learn about Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification (RHFAC) for per-constructed and built environment, to get a snapshot of your site’s current level of accessibility.

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  • Music Workshops

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    We organize accessibility workshops for all audiences from young students to professional artists. We also give talks and presentations. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

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  • Lectures & Training

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    In person or online training, from global accessibility to arts focused. We tailor our sessions and activities to the need of each customer, whether it is a single individual, a school, a university, or a private company.

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Partners & Supporters

ArtsAbly would like to recognize and thank the partners and supporters who help us grow.

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