The best way to learn about others’ experiences is to read their stories. Many resources are available online.


In this section, you will find links to digital accessible and paper versions of books. Kindle offers reading applications and tools that work with assistive technology and propose settings for all users. The digital version is usually cheaper than the paper version.

Here are a few recommendations of books that can help you acquire new knowledge on disability and accessibility in the arts. If you think of other products that you would like to see featured in these pages, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We do not sell these books directly. For each book, you will find Amazon affiliate products, and WorldCat links for universities and libraries.

  • Disability and Performance

    Disability and Performance

    Discover books about the way performers with disabilities see themselves and share performance spaces. Find narratives and testimonies about music, dance, theatre/acting, and multidisciplinary fields.

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  • Critical Disability Studies & Disability representation in the Arts

    Critical Disability Studies & Disability representation in the Arts

    Scholars and great minds help us shape our ideas and analysis of situations regarding disability in the arts. Great minds have worked together on books to help us understand the principles of Critical Disability Studies. This field is fairly new and changes regularly, creating opportunities to think of where our creativity goes and what the place of disabled artists is in our society.

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  • Disability and Arts Education

    Disability and Arts Education

    How do we educate students with disabilities in the arts? How do young artistic minds learn about disability? How did education evolve in the arts? Many questions that these authors answer. It will give you some inspiration for your own field or situation.

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Films and documentaries show how much the variety of representation of people with disabilities has evolved over time in our society. Arts always provided a good space for these depictions. This list is non-exhaustive. Let us know if you think of any missing reference that you feel should be added.