Interview – Resources provided by Jessica Kenney

As part of the podcast series, “ArtsAbly in Conversation,” Diane Kolin interviewed Jessica Kenney, a non-binary, disabled, neurodivergent multimedia artist.

A non-binary, white person with black and pink glasses and blond short hair, wearing a light grey and pink pullover.

This post presents the resources that they mentioned during the conversation.

Jessica Kenney’s links

Jessica Kenney is an interdisciplinary artist living on Wolastoqiyik territory otherwise known as Fredericton NB. Their art practice includes visual art, animation, music, poetry and textile work. Jessica believes that art is our chance to tell our stories and reach out into the world. They studied animation at the Center for Arts and Technology and the Fredericton Game and Animation Institute. They have been doing freelance work in graphic design and art tutoring for over 10 years. Jessica is a member of ArtsLink NB and the NB Disability Arts Collective.

Visit Jessica Kenney’s Artists in Canada page

Visit Jessica Kenney’s Linktree

Collection of resources for artists in New Brunswick

Jessica created a Linktree listing useful links for artists in New Brunswick

Visit the resoruces for Artists in NB Linktree

Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund 

In 2023, Jessica Kenney was the recipient of a Jane LeBlanc Micro-Bursary. With this award they continued to create their art installation called “Touching Music. The award was sponsored by Cat and Maureen LeBlanc. The Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund website has a lot of great resources for New Brunswick artists. 

Visit the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund website

Visit Jessica Kenney’s JL Micro-Bursary page

ArtsNB’s Career Development grant

In 2023 Jessica Kenney received a grant for a short term study (flute lessons with Yvonne Kershaw) through the Professional Development section of ArtsNB’s Career Development grant.

Visit the ArtsNB webpage

Know more about ArtsNB programs

ArtsLink NB

ArtsLink NB unifies New Brunswick’s arts and culture sector and fosters the sector’s contributions to a dynamic and prosperous province. Their mandate is to establish a network that connects individual artists and arts organizations locally, regionally and provincially, foster public awareness of arts and culture throughout New Brunswick and promote the value of arts in society, create a community culture that acknowledges arts professionals and treats them with respect, provide guidance, resources and assistance for artists and their organizations, promote arts education, advocate for issues relating to professional artists and the arts community, and facilitate growth, prosperity, and excellence – socially, economically, artistically and culturally.

Visit the ArtsLink NB website

Ysabelle Vautour

Ysabelle Vautour works in disability in the media. Looking outward is the media portrayal of persons with disabilities and looking inward is her personal reflection as a person with lived experience. She has focused on disability pride, and educating the public on ableism through art. Her creativity takes many forms: painting, installation, performance poetry, improv, and partner dancing, specifically swing and blues. She was the recipient of an Arts NB creation grant for which she expanded her subject matter going from small portrait paintings of the human face to large bodies in motion. She has been swing dancing since 2011 so I wanted to bring people into that world through painting, installation and performance. 

About Ysabelle Vautour

Visit her website Creating Access

NB Disability Art Collective

Formed in 2021 by Ysabelle Vautour the NB Disability Art Collective is a group of New Brunswick artists with lived experience of disability (this of course includes Deaf, Mad, Chronically Ill and Nerodivergent folks ) interested in Disability Arts and advocating for accessibility to arts. The collective  was created in order create a disability arts community in NB.  It has an online showcase and provides a place for artists to find each other for networking, group shows and mentorship. Disabled artists from all disciplines are invited to join.

Know more about NB Disability Art Collective

Visit the NB Disability Art Collective Facebook page

Dr. Lea Pearson, Music Minus Pain

Music Minus Pain supports all musicians in finding their authentic voice. By integrating the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of our lives and musical training, we can unleash full creative expression for a lifetime of playing with joy and ease. Music Minus Pain is the brainchild of Dr. Lea Pearson. After playing in pain for 30 years, she committed to creating new avenues for learning so no one would have to experience that same terrible disruption in their career.

Visit Music Minus Pain’s website