Interview – Resources provided by Jessica Tomlinson

As part of the podcast series, “ArtsAbly in Conversation,” Diane Kolin interviewed Jessica Tomlinson, singer, RAMPD community member, assistive technology instructor.

A woman wearing a blue dress, green earrings and stone on a necklace, smiling at the camera.

This post presents the resources that she mentioned during the conversation.

Jessica Tomlinson’s YouTube channel

You can find some of the videos of Jessica singing on her YouTube channel.

Visit Jessica’s YouTube channel

Blind LGBT Pride International’s Podcast Pride Connection

Come as you are. Pride Connection is a space where everyone is welcome, no matter how you identify or where your life is taking you. Each week, we explore topics such as advocacy, education, sexuality, entertainment, and more. Our core mission is to learn and mingle while we have fun. So join the Pride Connection party!

Pride Connection may be heard during selected times on ACB Media 1, accessed on-demand as a podcast, or downloaded on an individual episode basis.

Listen to the podcast

Stevie Wonder’s synthesizers

Jessica mentioned the ARP, MOOG and TONTO synthesizers during the interview. The article below talks about Stevie Wonder’s machines.

Read the article “Stevie Wonder and His Dream Machines”

Reaper and Reapers Without Peepers

Learn more about the Reaper is open-source software which allows accessible audio editing and the group Reapers Without Peepers

Read the article about Reaper

Access the page of the group Reapers Without Peepers