Interview – Resources provided by Malicious Sheep

As part of the podcast series, “ArtsAbly in Conversation,” Diane Kolin interviewed Malicious Sheep, a multidisciplinary artist, a photographer, a vocalist, and a community scientist.

A close picture of a spider on a plant.

Photo credit: Malicious Sheep

This post presents the resources that they mentioned during the conversation.

Malicious Sheep’s website

Malicious Sheep is a disabled and queer multidisciplinary artist, photographer and vocalist from rural Ontario, Canada. The artist is self-taught in many mediums including, but not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, fibre, mixed media, performance, assemblage of found objects, digital and time-based art.

Malicious Sheep has developed motor and mobility issues in recent years and had transitioned primarily to photography, digital and vocals as these are the most accessible mediums the artist can use at this time. The artist’s mobility issues necessitates the repeated examination and photographic documentation of wildlife within a half-acre property over time. Themes of study include; growth and decay, isolation, worth, as well as textures, patterns and cycles in nature relevant to biomimetics.

Visit Malicious Sheep’s website

Photographic work

The following pictures are featured in the interview. Malicious Sheep’s photographs are single-shot, hand-held, without flash or artificial lighting. Equipment includes – Nikon D60, Nikon D3500, 55-200mm Lens, a 68mm Extension Tube and a FujiFilm FinePix F480. None of the artist’s photographs have been photoshopped or staged.

Aubergine in Repose

Aubergine and fruits on a green piece of fabric.

Autumnal Spells

Several pictures representing close views on bugs and parts of plants.


A caterpillar eating a leaf.

Diptych Series

Diptych pictures representing birds, bugs and dragonflies.

Mental Health Series

Several pictures representing close views on bugs, mushrooms, rocks, flowers, and parts of plants.

Moon Tremors

Series of pictures showing white lines on black background.

Primary Connections

Series of pictures representing close views on bugs, mushrooms, barks, leafs, and parts of plants.

Mari Migraine

Mari Migraine a digital artist hand drawing her maladaptive daydreaming and chronic pain. She is an advocate for mental illness and disability.
@MariMigraine on X (former Twitter).

Visit Mari Migraine’s website


LMDesigns8 is as hybrid artist and freelance graphic designer blending their healing intentions and love of technology to create digital and hand crafted jewelry, wearables, and art experiences, but also XR immersive experiences, building worlds in Spatial and OVERtheReality.
@LMDesigns8 on X (former Twitter).

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Teia Community

Malicious Sheep is part of the Teia community, an open-source, experimental dApp developed and maintained by the Teia Community and powered by the Tezos blockchain.

The community is @TeiaCommunity on on X (former Twitter). They have a blog and a website. On the website, with each refresh, a new logo designed by a community artist appears.

Visit the Teia community blog

Visit the Teia art website