Interview – Resources provided by Laura Brody

As part of the podcast series, “ArtsAbly in Conversation,” Diane Kolin interviewed A. Laura Brody, an artist who sculpts for the human body and its vehicles. She is the founder of Opulent Mobility, a series of exhibits that re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful.

A giant and colourful sculpture of Melusine, a woman made with fabric and wool, using a walker. Laura, a white woman wearing a black and white dress, stands close to Melusine.

This post presents the resources that she mentioned during the conversation.

Laura Brody’s website

A. Laura Brody turns wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility scooters into works of art, and takes reclaimed materials and gives them new lives. She teaches pattern manipulation, draping, alterations, and wearable art.

Visit Laura Brody’s website

Opulent Mobility

Opulent Mobility is an international annual exhibit that asks artists to re-imagine disability as opulent and powerful. It imagines a world where disability is celebrated instead of denied, ignored, and feared. These exhibits are curated by founder A. Laura Brody and disability arts activist and photographer Anthony Tusler.

Visit Opulent Mobility’s website

Submit Your Artwork to Opulent Mobility

The Opulent Mobility 2024 call for art is now open! Please share your art that re-imagines disability as opulent and powerful. Opulent Mobility challenges you to imagine a world where disability, mobility, and access are not merely functional, but opulent.

More details and submit your work

Genius Teatime podcast

Genius Teatime is a Saturday Zoomcast where you can share your genius! It’s a 40 minute talk or interview with a 20 minute Q and A, covering a wide range of fabulous topics: from Chumash agriculture to the history of beatboxing to occultist ritual theater and polyamory and beyond.

Visit the Genius Teatime podcast page

Audio Eyes

An American company, Audio Eyes is a partnership of audio engineers, producers, accessibility experts, blind professionals, and audio description professionals who are passionate about providing high quality services in a creative and inclusive work environment. The Audio Eyes production team has more than a decade of experience providing live audio description in theaters, as well as recorded audio description for broadcast television networks and nationally distributed DVDs. Audio Eyes engineers and producers have delivered video description for broadcast television networks, consulted with and provided the same services for government agencies and private entities, and have extensive experience producing audio dramas, audio books, music, radio programs, radio ads, and business-to-business audio products.

Visit Audio Eyes’ website

The Alternative Limb Project 

The Alternative Limb Project was founded by Sophie de Oliveira Barata, using the unique medium of prosthetics to create highly stylised wearable art pieces. Merging the latest technology with traditional crafts, Sophie’s creations explore themes of body image, modification, evolution and transhumanism, whilst promoting positive conversations around disability and celebrating body diversity. Drawing on her own specialist skills in making ultra realistic looking limbs, Sophie collaborates with specialists in fields such as 3D modelling, electronics and cutting edge technology, and works in conjunction with in-house prosthetist Chris Parsons at Design Prosthetics. Clients have included Paralympic athletes, musicians, models, performing artists and video game companies.

Visit The Alternative Limb Project’s website

Priscilla Sutton, Spare Parts

Priscilla Sutton is a storyteller, an amputee. She is the curator of Spare Parts, an exhibition that brings together a diverse range of artists all using pre-loved prosthetics as their canvas.Priscilla came up with the concept after cleaning out a cupboard at home and wondering what to do with the legs she couldn’t wear anymore.The exhibition has been a huge success, and has provided a unique opportunity to create an open and positive conversation about prosthetics and amputee life.The exhibition has been held three times, twice in Brisbane and once in London during the 2012 Paralympics. In additional, works from the exhibition have been loaned to numerous exhibitions around the world, including Collectomania at Queensland Museum, and Opulent Mobility in California.

Visit Priscilla Sutton’s website

Visit the Spare Parts website

Anthony Tusler

Anthony Tusler is the co-curator of Opulent Mobility. He is wheelchair-using writer, photographer, and community organizer. He advocates for disability culture and better access to disability in the arts, public health, and technology. His website, AboutDisability, is the repository for the blog, work, interests, passions, and history of Anthony Tusler. He has continued to advocate for a range of disability issues since he discovered his membership in the Disability community in the early 1970s. The blog shows his current projects and interests.

Visit Anthony Tusler’s website

Andrea Jennings and Access for All: Integrating Accessibility

Andrea Jennings helps leaders and companies integrate equity and accessibility throughout their organizations with practical strategies to drive sustainable culture change.Andrea Jennings’ love for music, law, and entertainment, in general, led her to create Shifting Creative Paradigms Entertainment and Productions®. Andrea realized her purpose was to create equitable solutions for social change through her life experiences to help others.Andrea is an Entertainment Strategist & Consultant focusing on DEIA Disability, Equity, Justice & Belonging; She is an Impact Producer, Film Curator, and Director.

Visit her links page

Watch an episode of the podcast Access for All: Integrating Accessibility

Ellice Patterson and Abilities Dance Boston

Abilities Dance Boston is using dance as a tool for intersectional disability rights in the greater Boston area and beyond. They disrupt antiquated ableist beliefs and disseminate the value of intersectional disability rights through dance.